What is a Coach?


A coach is someone who shows you how to do or master something, whether it be reaching an important goal or making a difficult change. A coach stays with you, helps you select a goal, engage with it, progress through it, achieve it and integrate the accomplishment into your life on a one to one custom tailored basis. -Thomas J. Leonard 



The COR.E Energy Coaching process, Lynette's training,  is all about connecting  your inner purpose and passion to outer strategies and goals.  This may require releasing limiting beliefs, assumptions, false interpretations and dealing with the critic that lives in your head. These are all constrictive energies that block achievement from your desires.  COR.E Energy Coaching will move you beyond the blocks to accomplish your goals.

The power of coaching lies in the one-on-one relationship with your coach.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does Coaching work?

Each session has an objective – based upon your agenda and agreed upon exercises.

How do I know if the programs offered are for me?

Lynette offers a free 30 minute consultation to learn about your big picture: what you are struggling with and what you  want.  If she has a program/resources to offer that will help she will share them with you.