PROGRAMS TO DESIGN YOUR Encore life and/or Career


Upon completion of any of these programs, you will have clarity, feel more confident, and prepared for your next steps in life.  You will have a foundation, be able to design a plan and begin moving into action to create your vibrant  second half of life.

What Is YOUR WHY? A Five Hour Program

 Happiness comes from WHAT we do.  Fulfillment comes from WHY we do it.  Author and speaker Simon Sinek speaks to the importance of knowing WHY we do what we do.  In this program you will  build your WHY statement: what you want to contribute to the world and the impact you will have.  A  clear and simple WHY  becomes a decision making tool and the driving force that enables you to focus your efforts on what matters most.  You will create your "HOW's"- actions you take when you are at your natural best that  bring your WHY to life.  You will begin creating your WHAT-the actual activities you do daily to express your WHY.  The combination of all three is your unique fingerprint in this world.

Market Myself, Who Me?!?

Fifty six percent of Boomer American workers say they plan to work past age 65.  Fifty four percent say they plan to continue to work in retirement.  If re-careering or an encore career is in your future, this 5 session package will help you  make some decisions about direction, develop the tools needed to affectively market yourself, explore and target the best company matches,  and support you in landing your “right” position.  

Mapping Your Retirement: A Personal Guide to Maintaining Your Health, Managing Your Money, and Living Well

 The Mapping Your Retirement guide and workbook is the perfect tool to guide you through many of the complex/important decisions required for retirement.  Living Well helps you examine what is important to determine how you want to live your life.  Maintaining your health provides information and exercises to create your health plan.  Managing your money helps you evaluate financial situations before/during retirement to reach financial goals.  This program is designed to use as an individual or in a group setting.  Move into your retirement future with a sense of direction that builds confidence, a legacy, and a powerful story to tell.