Create YOUR Encore Life

What is an Encore Life?


Greater longevity has created a new life stage:  Encore Life. It  will  transform how we live in the 21st century.  An Encore Life usually begins in the 50's and lasts into the start of old age.  Gone is the "one size fits all" notion of retirement.  In it's place are very individualized choices. 

It is a time to cash in on:

Greater creative expression.

A redefinition of success from external success to significance.

Greater life balance that takes into consideration the whole person.

Fostering a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Lynette Reiling will partner with you to prepare for the journey, navigate the transition and create a next stage that fits you like a glove.

Changing the Narrative of Aging


 The story we tell ourselves about our lives is the story we will live.  What narrative of aging will you choose?  There is the old narrative that is married to the traditional notion of retirement.  Successful aging is damage control, subtraction, decline.

The Encore Life stage has birthed a new narrative of aging:  second growth, experimentation, reinvention, fulfillment.  The paradox:  even though you may be growing older in age, you can grow younger energetically.

Through personal experience and professional training Lynette is equipped and ready to support you in authoring  a vibrant, vital life story that will take you well into the second half of life.

Create a New Sense of Purpose


 For many, career provides a sense of meaning/purpose in life's first half.  What happens when that goes away?  An Encore Life provides the opportunity to broaden the definition of work, reframe it in new ways, and create a fresh sense of meaning and purpose.  Feel excited about starting each day.

Work in the Encore years is about shaping work to suit how you want to live instead of living in ways that only allow the rest of your life to fit around work. This desire for a shift in work orientation begins to speak loudly for many as midlife approaches.  The outcome ?  A whole person approach to work and life.  Greater balance.  Feeling of fulfillment.

Lynette has aided many clients in answering three important questions with regards to creating a "new" life/work:  Who am I?  Where am I going? How will I get there?

Testimonials: What clients are saying


Before I met Lynette, I had already done similar exercises with other career transition professionals.  It was Lynette’s unique ability to demonstrate her sincere belief in me that allowed to open “my closet door”.  Because of her coaching, I had the most rewarding year of my career.

-David W.

I am looking at retirement differently as a result of working with Lynette.  I was very worried about how retirement would look, but no longer have that fear.  I found meaning and purpose in retirement to replace the feeling of identity gained from work.  Thank you for providing the opportunity to look at myself in a non-threatening way.

-Marty F.


We loved the retirement program! It has given us the chance to discuss and learn new things about each other. Although we are five to six years away from retiring, completing this process now has helped us plan without the stress of retirement being right at our doorstep. This program (Mapping My Retirement) helped us create a big picture, keeps us focused and motivated, has provided clarity, and is helping us to move forward into retirement with great confidence.

Sandra and Pat R.

My midlife career change fell into place almost effortlessly because of Lynette. She gave me the tools I needed to deal with my obstacles and fears. I am now moving forward with confidence toward an exciting career with so many possibilities. Thank you, Lynette for your kindness, compassion and always keeping me motivated!

-Sandie S.


I was working in the garden three weeks after retiring from a thirty year career. All of a sudden the thought “I don’t want to waste away” hit me like a ton of bricks! I thought I had it all together and my retirement was going to be just great. The fear and apprehension hit. Lynette helped me ease the fear; define who I am and what I would like to do. I knew I was on the right track and that gave me the confidence to move forward. I knew I was going to be just fine!   Thank you Lynette

Donna S.