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Lynette Reiling has created several programs to help your transition into mid-life.
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Programs To Design Your Future Life

Looking for a speaker?

As an educator and presenter, Lynette speaks to organizations and presents workshops on topics related to Midlife: the process of  transition, re-careering or encore career, Ten Must Have Conversations for Couples Considering Retirement, and Take Center Stage for Life’s Second Half.   Contact Lynette at 303-564-5149 to discuss your group’s needs.

Upon completion of any of these programs, you will have clarity, feel more confident, and prepared for your next steps in life.  You will design a plan to begin moving into action to create your vibrant midlife living.

Individual Sessions

Laser focused sessions, based on your agenda, are designed to help you move forward.   Pick any issue, based on the ability to complete in three sessions.

Who are you, really?

This 6 session package will support you in answering that question and in doing so; anchor you into your personal significance.  Explore your talents, strengths, values, roles, passion and purpose.  There are exercises and assessments offered that will support you in the discovery process.

Where are you going and how are you going to get there?

Once the question”Who are you really” is answered, how do you want to take that WHO out into the world?  Explore opportunities and create a vision that will expand your life and pull you into the future through possibility.  Design strategies that will support bringing your life vision into reality in this 6 session package.

Market Myself, Who me?

Fifty six percent of Boomer American workers say they plan to work past age 65.  Fifty four percent say they plan to continue to work in retirement.  If re-careering or an encore career is in your future, this 5 session package will help you assess where you are, develop the tools needed to affectively market yourself, and support you in landing your “right” position.

Mapping Your Retirement

The Mapping Your Retirement guide and workbook is the perfect tool to use in a group setting, whether it is your church or community group, an assembly of employees or a cluster of clients.  This guide has three component areas:   Living Your Life, Maintaining Your Health and Managing Your Money.  Upon completion of this Three three-hour class program, attendees will complete their life retirement plans individually.