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As a Financial Planner, you do your job well – providing numerous options and financial advise to your clients.  But that’s just the financial side.  You’ve seen far too many times that the client hasn’t figured out the rest of his/her life plan and thus your time is not used effectively or the financial plan ends up not serving the client.  When the client doesn’t have a comprehensive life plan, he/she cannot give you clear direction – making it difficult to discuss their money plans in real terms.

Referring your client to Choiceful Retirement and having your client go through the Mapping Your Retirement program, will make your job so much easier and ultimately provide a much better financial picture for your client.

Mapping Your Retirement: A Personal Guide to Maintaining Your Health, Managing Your Money and Living Well is a program that guides one through many of the complex and important decisions required for retirement.  ​There are three comprehensive component areas:

  • Living Your Life – helps your client examine what is important to him/her and provides thought provoking information and questions regarding how your client wants to live.
  • Maintaining Your Health – offers information and worksheets to help your client get – and stay – healthy.
  • Managing Your Money – helps your client evaluate financial situations before and during retirement to support financial goals.

The program takes this path:  Learn and do, make a plan and write it down, discuss your plan with others, and take action.

Once completed, this program will move your client into the future with a sense of direction that builds confidence, a legacy and a story to tell.

This program works well for groups and individuals.