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All about Lynette Reiling and her journey of personal development and the struggles along the way.
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”  I woke up, looked in the mirror daily and wondered ‘who is this woman in the mirror…. bone dry, juiceless, burned out?’  “

How did you come to be an expert in coaching midlife women through transition to their next best life?

I have been an expert in people development for 30 years. The modalities have changed over the years but the core theme has remained the same: helping people discover more about who they are, tap into their potential, and expand their lives.

Everything I have done has required partnering with individuals to answer the question “Who am I?” and translate that into creating their best lives.  I have helped people gain clarity and confidence while supporting them in getting over hurdles that may be in the way of where they want to go.

Early in my hospice volunteer management career a book fell into my hands, From Aging to Saging by Rabbi Zalman. It lit me on FIRE!!  Reb Zalman believes it is us, the Baby Boomers, who are going to have the impact on all of the issues facing our society.  I knew then and there I wanted to be a catalyst that mobilizes my generation to build their best lives while giving back.  That is a win for all!

My work in hospice only underlined how important it is for individuals to author their lives, live authentically from who they are, and have a sense of meaning and purpose.  I knew that had to be central to my work after watching individuals struggle in the dying process without that.

While working for hospice I completed my coaching credential and began seeing clients part time. Although I loved working with the volunteers, being part of a corporate hospice was difficult.  The “corporate mentality” had serious consequences.  I had reached a point where when I woke up and looked in the mirror I wondered “who is this woman in the mirror…. bone dry, juiceless, burned out?”  The creative, innovative woman was missing in action, yet I was afraid to take the leap.

Then one year life hit me hard and I crashed: body, mind and spirit.  The loss of a significant relationship, two major surgeries, total work burnout and hitting a significant birthday stopped me dead in my tracks. It was the cosmic 2×4 that forced me into asking myself “if not now, when?”  That led me to my own search for “Who am I?  Where am I going?  How am I going to get there?”  I spent the next year going through the transition into a full time coaching practice, my encore career and my love.

Today it is my great joy to partner with clients to guide them through midlife transition from their full time careers to something else: be it a new career, volunteering, following a passion, caring for a grandchild or some other form of “retirement” to create their best, vibrant, vital lives. That next step will be unique to each person. A new life balance has given me more time to spend with grandkids, being in nature, and come back to dancing: a lifetime passion.